National Council


Roger McDonald  

Immediate past president  

Debra Myhill 

UKLA President & Committee Chair 

Jo Tregenza 

UKLA President elect 

Lucy Rodriguez-Leon 

Hon. Treasurer 

Liz Broad 

Hon Secretary 

Chris Lockwood 


Janet Douglas Gardner 


Rebecca Simpson Hargreaves 




Convenor Regional Representatives 

Clare Dowdall 


Colin Harrison 


Lynda Graham 

Publicity & Communications 

Navan Govender 

Publicity & Communications 

David Reedy 

Co-opted EC – Campaigns  

Teresa Cremin 

Co-opted EC –  Higher Education and Reading for Pleasure Partnership 

Karen Daniels 

Co-opted EC –  Publications 

Candice Satchwell 

Co-opted EC –  Research 

Joy Court 

Co-opted EC –  Awards 

Hannah Baker 

Regional Reps Coordinator 

Laura Ettenfield 

UKLA Director 

Sia Tehfeh 

UKLA Administrative Support Officer 

Co-Opted EC:

Teresa Cremin: Higher Education and Reading for Pleasure Partnership

Joy Court: School Libraries, Books and Publishing

Karen Daniels: Publications

David Reedy: Campaigns

Candice Satchwell: Arts-based methods/outputs in literacy research; research with children, young people and marginalised groups 


Regional Representatives:

Region 1 (Bristol, Gloucestershire, Hereford, Worcestershire) 

Dan Northover 

Kirsty Jones

Region 2 (Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk) 

John-Mark Winstanley 

Claire Williams

Region 3 (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset) 

 Simon Disney-Pollard

Danni Cooke

Region 4 (Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cumbria, Isle of Man) B Guerriero
Region 5 (London)

Richard Charlesworth 

Tobias Hayden 

Rachel Booth

Region 6 (Surrey, Kent)

Jamie Evans 

Rachel Stone 

Helen Morgan

Region 7 (Northern Ireland) Donna Hazzard
Region 8 (Northumberland, Durham) 

Laura Heads

Rachael Blackburn

Region 9 (Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire) 

Petula Bhojwani

Emma Rogers

Region 10 (Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire) 

Lauren Freedman 

Imogen Maund

Region 11/12 ( Scotland) Navan Govender 
Region 13 (Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Isle of Wight)

Rebecca Meaker

Matt Lee

Amy Dower

Region 14 (Wales) Simon Fisher
Region 15 (West Midlands, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire) 

Jasen Booton

Kevin Cobane

Nicola Smith

Region 16 (Yorkshire) 

Kelly Ashley 

Hannah Baker

Vikki Varley

Kerry Park

Co-Opted Members:

Jon Biddle: Teacher’s Research Group Rep

Petula Bojwhani: UKLA News Rep

Liz Chamberlain: Director, Children’s Research Centre; writing pedagogy/CPD

Felicity Ferguson: Writing Rocks Rep

Nikki Gamble: Children’s Literature Rep

Prue Goodwin: Reading Rep

Marion Hampton: Teacher Rep – Secondary

Anne Swift: Teacher Associations Rep

Sonia Thompson: Teachers’ Research Group Rep

Fiona Maine: Primary literacy; research including dialogue; visual narratives

Sally Wilkinson: English 4-11 Rep

Clare Williams: Early Career Teachers Rep


SIG Conveners:


Alastair Daniel



Digital Literacies in Education

Clare Dowdall

Cathy Burnett


English in Initial Teacher Education

Teresa Cremin

Rebecca Austin


Early Years Literacy in Education

Karen Daniels

Lucy Rodriguez-Leon


Literacy and Multilingualism

Sabine Little 



Critical Literacy

Kelly Stone

Jennifer Farrar


Teaching Writing

Ross Young

Felicity Ferguson


Everyday Literacies

Jennifer Rowsell

Clare Dowdall



Co-Opted NC:

Nikki Gamble: SIG Children’ Literature rep.

Prue Goodwin: Reading Rep.

Sophie Tatum: Early Career Teachers Rep.

Marion Hampton: Teacher  Rep Secondary.

Sally Wilkinson: English 4-11 Rep.

Jon Biddle: Teachers’ Research Group Rep

Sonia Thompson: Teachers’ Research Group Rep

Felicity Ferguson: Writing Rocks Rep

Ross Young: Writing Rocks Rep

Anne Swift: Teacher Associations Rep

Fiona Maine

Liz Chamberlain

Candice Satchwell

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