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UKLA Academic Book Award

This award is presented every year for a recently published academic text about the teaching of English for teachers, students, consultants or HE tutors. The panel looks for books that make a lasting, significant contribution to the teaching of English.

Eve Bearne and David Reedy Winners of the UKLA Academic Book Award 2019
Eve Bearne and David Reedy Winners of the UKLA Academic Book Award 2019

The UKLA Academic Book Award 2020

The award encourages nominations from a wide range of publishers of academic books. It is given to a text which fulfils many of the following criteria:

  • makes a distinctive contribution to literacy education
  • inspires the teaching of literacy
  • is based on sound research
  • promotes diversity
  • will be a rich and lasting resource for teachers, teacher educators and students
  • encourages teachers, teacher educators and students to be reflective, innovative and creative
  • is accessibly written and recognises a broad range of perspectives, experiences and voices
  • if visual illustrations and diagrams are used, they should, where possible, represent diversity
  • can be for any or all key stages from early years to KS5
  • may be relevant to classroom practice
  • if an edited collection, has a clear editorial voice

Enquires FAO Christine Lockwood at [email protected]

Panel Chair: Morag Styles

Academic Book Award 2020

Submissions will be invited from publishers from 31 August to 31 October 2019 for books published for the first time in the UK or Ireland between November 1 2018 and October 31 2019. Books may previously have been published in other countries, and translations are eligible. However, reprints and new editions are not eligible.