UKLA Wiley Research in Literacy Education Award

The UKLA/ Wiley Research in Literacy Education Award is a prestigious prize bestowed on the best article in the Journal of Research in Reading (JRR) and Literacy in the previous year. Both are peer-reviewed journals with international reputations for excellence.

The shortlists are chosen by working parties convened by the editors of JRR and Literacy.

The award is given to a text which fulfils many of the following criteria:

  • Relevance to readership – taking account of an international readership
  • Accessibility to a knowledgeable readership
  • Original content which contributes significantly to existing knowledge or the development of new knowledge, policy or strategy
  • Clear theoretical position
  • Methodologically sound research processes /design appropriate to the theoretical standpoint
  • Sound level of critical analysis
  • Relevant and appropriate citation base

Panel Chair: Wayne Tennent.

UKLA announces the winners of the UKLA/ Wiley Research in Literacy Education Award 2023

View the announcement about the 2020 winner Candice Satchwell here.

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