Dr John Potter, University College London,  Dynamic Literacies, Third Spaces and Everyday Practices: The ‘Other Possibilities’Delivered at the 54th UKLA International Conference at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff on Sunday 6th July 2018.
Making a Difference by Making it Different: How researchers and educators can create kinder literacy interventions.Sue Ellis (Harold Rosen Memorial Lecture)We know that social class and gender are strongly associated with how easily and how well children learn to read. Despite this, many education policies frame literacy as a cognitive endeavour and suggest cognitive, content-based curricular interventions to address the attainment gap. Such approaches often ignore children’s social/cultural capital and identity in ways that risk literacy teaching appearing alien and unkind.
Who’ll tell the story? Why teaching and researching narratives still matters. This presentation will re-visit some of Harold Rosen’s powerful arguments in The Dramatic Mode (1980) and Stories and Meanings (1985) about why it matters that young people both create their own narratives in the classroom and engage with other people’s narratives as well.
In the context of UKLA’s 50th anniversary and in recognition of Harold Rosen’s rich contribution within the period, this memorial lecture will revisit the ‘irrepressible genre’ of narrative (Rosen, 1984), re-examining its potency as a fundamental mode of thought (Bruner, 1986) an organisational device that enables us to order experience, real and imagined and a space to play and co-create.

‘A stone dropped into a pond…’ – Storytelling, Community and Literacy

Here for our members to download is a presentation by Patrick Ryan, from the joint UKLA/UEL conference ‘Promoting Effective Talk in Classrooms’, held on Friday 9th November in London.
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