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UKLA Events in 2009

July 10th - 12th 2009

The 45th UKLA International Conference

Making Connections: Building Literate Communities in and Beyond Classrooms

July 9th 2009

Writers as Designers: Nurturing Creative Talent

Day of discussion and debate about current policies and practice in the teaching of writing (KS1-4)

June 6th 2009

Writing with Film

A practical Literacy conference for Primary Teachers/Literacy Coordinators/ LEA advisors/TAs/PGCEs

March 27th 2009

Diversity and Collaboration: Sharing Reading Lives

Explore ways of re-shaping reading pedagogies to make critical connections with children's lives as 21st Century readers

March 24th 2009

UKLA Drama Inset

A workshop for KS2 teachers that explores the nature of learning through drama across the curriculum

March 23rd 2009

What is Web 2.0 and what has it got to do with Literacy?

Find out more about the way in which your children learn via 21st Century Technologies

February 28th 2009

Literature and Learning

A conference for teachers of English, Drama and Media - Key Stage 1 to post 16