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AATE & ALEA National Conference

The art of English: Language, Literature, Literacy

This event took place Sunday 8th to Wednesday 11th July 2018
AATE & ALEA National Conference

Join educators from across the country and around the world to discuss and explore the Art of English: Language, Literature, Literacy. Over four days, teachers from the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors will be engaged in the creative, innovative and imaginative worlds of language, literature and literacy.

The conference will feature outstanding speakers from around the world, who will present their research and ideas about the ‘art’ of teaching English and literacy to students of all ages. This is not to say there will not also be a rigorous, scientific look at how to teach English and literacy in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary settings; however, there will be some emphasis on how to harness and build students’ creativity as part of language, literacy and literary learning. Our conference theme is expansive, and has three components:

English as an art

Explore the power of our written and spoken language and consider the way we incorporate literary and cultural texts in our classrooms.

English as the arts

Explore the relationships between English and literacy and the dramatic, performance, media and visual arts.

English through the arts

Explore pedagogical approaches to teaching the English and literacy across the curriculum.

A range of keynote and concurrent sessions will address our theme and there will be a variety of quality offerings to meet the professional learning needs of English and literacy educators, including a number of Australian writers and creators from all a wide range of settings.

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