Anna Craft Memorial Lecture: Educating for Creativity: From what is to what might be

Delivered by Professor Sir Ken Robinson PhD. Organised by UKLA, BERA and the University of Exeter.

This event took place 5:00pm - 7:30pm Thursday March 5th, 2015

5pm-7.30pm Policy statements on education reform routinely mention the importance of developing young people’s powers of creativity. In practice, reform strategies commonly inhibit them. One reason is widespread misunderstandings about the real nature of creativity. Another is that the dominant structures of education were developed with other purposes in mind. Anna Craft’s work has shone a clear light on many aspects of creativity, and especially on “possibility thinking” in young children. This lecture will reflect on the practical implications of these insights not only in individual classrooms but also for the culture and structures of education as a whole. Professor Sir Ken Robinson. Places are limited. To book a place, please confirm attendance by emailing Stephanie Edwards: [email protected] or phoning on 01908 654795.

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