International Conference 2008

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This event took place Friday 11th to Sunday 13th July 2008
International Conference 2008

2008 KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: David Almond, author; Kathy Hall, University College Cork; Steve Martin, author; Guy Merchant, Sheffield Hallum University and Julia Davies University of Sheffield; Elizabeth Birr Moje, University of Michigan; Luis Moll, University of Arizona; Mike Waters,QCA UKLA's 2008 International Conference will be a major networking event for all those involved in literacy education. It will provide an opportunity to participate in discussion and debate about vital literacy issues. Cutting edge research as well as experiences from both inside the classroom and the wider community will be shared in an engaging and convivial atmosphere, inviting reflection, renewal and action. The theme, 'Identities, Cultures and Literacies' will explore research and practice on the following topics:

  • the construction of reading and writing identities
  • the links between identities, cultures and literacies
  • the implications for literacy practice in educational settings as well as policy
  • inscribing children's identities into texts and practices
  • working with culturally marginalised learners
  • revisiting subject knowledge in the literacy curriculum
  • cultural renewal through literacy learning
  • diverse literacy pedagogies drawing on children's multimodal worlds
  • the permeable classroom and out of school learning
  • innovative assessment practices
  • dialogue, debate and fresh perspectives on professional development

These, and many more themes, will feature in this conference. The conference will be preceded by a focus day on Social Class and Literacy on Thursday 10th July 2008. The Call for Proposals is now closed. The draft programme will be published on this site in May, 2008.