NAAE Conference 2017

Principles not products: managing the assessment agenda

This event took place 10:00am - 3:00pm Saturday January 14th, 2017
NAAE Conference 2017

The National Association of Advisers in English (NAAE) have organised a wonderful conference to discuss learning within the current school climate.

Assessment processes in all schools have become increasingly complex and stressful for classroom teachers and school leaders who are constantly striving to offer coherence and a sense of purpose to both their pupils and to the wider community.

The keynote speakers at this conference will provide an invaluable overview of and a clear insight into the key issues whilst offering practical approaches to the ways that schools can support real learning in a climate that is not always sympathetic to the needs of individual pupils.

Speakers to include:

  • Stephen Anwyll
  • Charlotte Hacking
  • Farrah Serroukh

NAAE members­ £20
Non­members £40
Students­ £20

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