Photo:OU and UKLA Teachers’ Reading Groups

OU and UKLA Teachers’ Reading Groups

The OU and UKLA are supporting over 80 Teachers’ Reading Groups across the UK and beyond in 2018-19.

Photo:UKLA Postgraduate Student Research Network

UKLA Postgraduate Student Research Network

The network is open to all UKLA members who are currently engaged in Masters or doctoral research

Photo:Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Joining or starting up a SIG means access to the network of the UKLA – a significant number of professionals in all phases of education in the UK. It offers SIG members the chance to collaborate in self-defined ways to further the group’s aims and interests. If you are interested in starting a SIG, please contact the UKLA office.

Photo:UKLA in your area

UKLA in your area

Connect with your local UKLA Representative, find out about regional events and bring UKLA to your organisation.