Photo:Making an Impact

Making an Impact

Making an Impact is a professional development programme aimed at improving teaching and learning, with full UKLA membership and access to free publications and website materials, which can be carried out over one or two terms, or even a whole year. We can tackle themes such as raising writing standards, making the most of Guided Reading, embedding new literacies and developing a Reading School.

Photo:Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Joining or starting up a SIG means access to the network of the UKLA – a significant number of professionals in all phases of education in the UK. It offers SIG members the chance to collaborate in self-defined ways to further the group’s aims and interests. If you are interested in starting a SIG, please contact the UKLA office.

Photo:UKLA in your area

UKLA in your area

Connect with your local UKLA Representative, find out about regional events and bring UKLA to your organisation.