Making an Impact

Making an Impact is a professional development programme aimed at improving teaching and learning, with full UKLA membership and access to free publications and website materials, which can be carried out over one or two terms, or even a whole year. We can tackle themes such as raising writing standards, making the most of Guided Reading, embedding new literacies and developing a Reading School.

UKLA’s unique offer 

Making an Impact is a professional development programme which can be carried out over one or two terms, or even a whole year, offering:

  • Five days of consultancy time – face-to-face and online 
  • Initial day CPD meeting to provide expert input/presentation, identify specific needs and focus and plan extended teaching sequences 
  • Continuing support though an online community
  • Provision of support materials – paper-based and online 
  • Mid-project meeting (half day) to share work so far and plan next steps 
  • Continuing online discussions and provision of online materials 
  • Final CPD meeting (full day) to share and consolidate work, evaluate impact and identify possible next steps. 

In addition you will have a year’s full access to UKLA’s members’ services including: 

  • English 4-11 magazine, Literacy journal and UKLA News
  • Web site with advice bulletins, reviews, resources and access to new products, 
  • UKLA publications and materials including free copies of professional development support booklets 
  • Free places at UKLA conferences.

Topics to choose from:

Raising writing standards This package includes: Reviewing school and classroom provision for writing; children’s and teachers’ perceptions of writing; identifying key areas for development; working on extended teaching sequences designed to raise standards; assessing writing; evaluating and embedding successful strategies.

Making the most of Guided Reading Designed to address teachers’ concerns about how to manage Guided Reading effectively, this package includes: identifying key concerns; choosing and using a range of fiction, non-fiction and on-screen texts; effective questioning; classroom management; improving reading skills; developing independent reading; focused teaching and assessment.

Embedding new literacies What are multimodal texts and how should they be taught? This package starts by identifying existing provision and reviewing children’s and teachers’ experience of new forms of text; support is then given for planning extended teaching sequences designed to improve children’s reading and composition of multimodal texts; evaluating and embedding successful strategies.

Developing a reading school This package draws on the Building Communities of Readers projects and includes: reviews of teachers’ and children’s reading preferences and experiences; planning for teaching the range of reading effectively; the reading environment; planning the school library; developing independence in reading; reading for pleasure and purpose; involving parents and families in reading.