Children’s digital books and literacy apps SIG

This SIG aims to provide a hub for practitioners, literacy educators (including librarians and literacy coordinators), digital book producers and publishers interested in children’s digital books, e-books and literacy apps.

The goal of this SIG is to promote greater understanding of the benefits and limitations of digital books for young children (aged 3-14 years); to inform practitioners about effective uses of digital books in their classroom; to guide designers and publishers interested in developing or updating their digital products and to inform policy-makers about the current evidence concerning digital books use in schools.

SIG convenors: Natalia Kucirkova, Chris Lockwood and Aline Frederico

For more information about the SIG, please email Natalia at [email protected]

If you are not a UKLA member and would like to join, please register to become a member

Photo: Children’s digital books and literacy apps SIG

UKLA Digital Literacies in Education

This symposium, the fifth annual research day organised by UKLA and BERA, will explore how opportunities and challenges surrounding the use of digital literacies are playing out in educational contexts for learners and educators. 

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