Ideas in Practice proposals

UKLA welcomes proposals for Ideas in Practice

Booklets in this series are written for professionals who want advice on practical and planning matters. While there will be a brief contextual section giving some background to the topic, the emphasis is on how the principles are carried out in the classroom or Local Authority. The subjects of Ideas in Practice need to have general appeal. The A4 format means that there should be plenty of illustrative material and a sense of how double page spreads can be used to communicate ideas visually. The booklets will be no more than 40 pages long (approximately 20,000 words/equivalent in illustrative material).

Written by people who have carried out the activities, Ideas in Practice booklets provide clear, workable guidance in aspects of language and literacy teaching and learning and in professional/curriculum development.   


You may like to take into account that the approximate proposal and production timeline* is:

  • Time from receipt of proposal to reviewers’ comments: 1 -2 months
  • On receipt of first draft: draft reviewed and returned to authors within 6 weeks. **
  • On receipt of final draft: copy editor’s responses within 4 weeks to be returned within 4 weeks.
  • Proof manuscript from printers: between 6-8 weeks later.
  • Author’s proofreading: within 2 weeks.
  • Publication date: approximately 6-8 weeks later.
  • The whole process will take about a year.

* if there is associated website material , the timings may be extended by a month or so at the design stage.

**If a second draft is necessary before final draft this will extend the process by 6-8 weeks.

Please send proposals by email to: [email protected]