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​The Brenda Eastwood Award

The Brenda Eastwood Award for good practice in teaching for diversity and inclusion

UKLA invites members to nominate schools, Early Years practitioners, teachers, HE Tutors, publishers or librarians who have shown good practice in empowering children to respect and appreciate diversity.

The UKLA Brenda Eastwood Award

Date of posting: The entry itself should be small enough to be posted in an A4 envelope. If the presentation is digital, it should be no more than 2-3 minutes long. (The video should be saved in a format such as Quicktime, VLC, or wmv. If you have used editing software such as imovie or windows moviemaker, please make sure you have ‘finished’ the edit. This will ensure it can be played on any computer. Please test before submitting). Please include the name and address of the lead nominee with your entry

Please send your work to: The Brenda Eastwood Award UKLA Room 9 c/o VAL 9 Newarke Street Leicester LE1 5SN • Submissions need to reach the UKLA offices by Monday 4 May 2020. • The winning entry will not only receive the prestigious UKLA Brenda Eastwood Award but will also be invited to the UKLA International conference.