Donkey Library

Helping children in Ethiopia to read for pleasure at school and at home

UKLA’s Project Connect has supported the Donkey Library based at Bishoftu near Addis Ababa, since 2015. This is a project run by Link Ethiopia, which Project Connect supports. Our funds enabled Link Ethiopia to add to the library‘s stock, providing books in Amharic for children to borrow and enjoy.

Rory Dillon, Finance and Project Manager for Link Ethiopia, explains:

“Supporting the donkey library ensures that the greatest number of students get to enjoy the books. This year, we have encouraged the librarians to lend books to schools and students so they get to use them throughout the week and at home; for this reason schools and donkey librarians made increasing the number of books a priority.”

So your funds have helped children in Ethiopia to read for pleasure at school and at home.

Watch the video about the donkey library:

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