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UKLA believes that the most effective way to ensure high levels of literacy is through principled educational practice that is shaped by policy and underpinned by research. It achieves its goals by creating a supportive community for those working in literacy, language and communication, and by providing access to the latest research for use by practitioners and policymakers.

Join our passionate and thriving community
Join our passionate and thriving community

Joining the UKLA will bring you the following benefits:

  • Membership of a supportive community;
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments in literacy;
  • Support for Reading for Pleasure in a community which believes in libraries;
  • Discounts on UKLA books and conferences;
  • Support for Reading for Pleasure in a community which believes in libraries;
  • Free copies of English 4-11 Magazine, Literacy journals and UKLA newsletter;
  • Free web resources;
  • Improve your professional profile;
  • Involvement in the UKLA Book Awards;
  • Access to academics, writers and ideas you may not otherwise hear about;
  • Develop a critical view of current issues;
  • Publish and celebrate projects and writing;
  • Network opportunities;
  • Improve your understanding of literacy pedagogies;
  • Help to develop pathways to impact from research;
  • Access to research grants;
  • Access to opportunities to disseminate to a diverse audience through publication and events/conferences.


UKLA has a range of memberships, for individuals, schools, institutions, recently qualified teachers and students, whether in the UK or overseas.

Memberships start at £20. Join now!

Join UKLA today

Join UKLA today!

“Being a UKLA member makes me feel part of a community that cares about reading and writing. Real children, real reading, real writing and great research - that's what the UKLA is all about, and I love the opportunities it provides to meet like-minded people who believe in the transformative power of literacy. ”

Jane Branson, Consultant
Join UKLA today!