Call for papers for a Special Issue of Literacy

Reading for pleasure: supporting reader engagement


Education systems worldwide face the challenge of balancing a desire to raise young readers’ attainment, whilst simultaneously seeking to create vibrant reading communities of readers within and beyond school. Many countries, cognisant of the bidirectional relationship between reading attainment and positive attitudes to reading, evidenced, for example, in the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study and Programme for International Student Assessment data, are now paying increased attention to the concepts of reader engagement and reading for pleasure in both policy and practice. Research too is examining related issues such as: gender, parental involvement, the tensions which exist for schools when reading for pleasure is mandated, practices which purport to foster reader engagement, the role of rich texts in nurturing young readers, and the relationship between and influences upon teachers’ and students’ identities as readers.

This Special Issue of Literacy seeks to bring into the spotlight accounts of recent empirical research which foreground the issue of volitional reading by children and young people in the context of the English and/or literacy classroom in a range of educational settings and beyond. We invite scholars researching in this area to submit abstracts to both the co-editors for consideration by 13 February 2017 or to submit full papers by 31 July 2017.

Special Issue Editors: Teresa Cremin and Gemma Moss.

Deadline for submissions: 31st July 2017

Date of publication: May 2018:

Please use the Wiley Scholar One system:

Please see author guidelines on the Literacy homepage:

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