Diversity and Inclusion: The Brenda Eastwood Award 2022 Winner

UKLA is delighted to announce the winners for the prestigious Diversity and Inclusion: The Brenda Eastwood Award. The award is in memory of a much-loved friend and colleague. The Diversity and Inclusion Award for good practice in teaching for diversity and inclusion invites UKLA members to nominate themselves for the award.


The joint winners for the award this year are: Aaishah Rauf a secondary English teacher in her fourth year of teaching and Dr Ian Cushing, an academic at Edge Hill University, UK. The panel of judges awarded them as joint winners for the impact that they have made in their respective roles. 

Aishah Rauf Teacher of English at Windsor High School, Halesowen, was recognised for her knowledge and passion of her subject specialism and the challenge to navigate the curriculum to make it relevant for the students in her care and the wider learning community.

Ian Cushing (PhD) Senior Lecturer in English and Education, Edge Hill University was recognised for his work in spoken, written and standard English.

Their work in Diversity and Inclusion is local, national and international.

Aaishah Rauf is aware of her identity as a South Asian teacher of English and the authenticity it provides in her practice. Her Reflecting Reality article provides an insight of her professional journey.

Ian Cushing (PhD) research focuses on anti-racist practices and interrogates the role of language discrimination. He examines language and inequality with a focus on raciolinguistic ideologies. Read a snapshot of his views in The Conversation  

The members of the panel would like to express their gratitude for the nominations received and heartily congratulate this year’s joint winners of the Diversity and Inclusion: The Brenda Eastwood Award 2022.

The winners will share an aspect of their practice at the UKLA International Conference on Saturday July2nd during Parallel session E8

Panel: Janet Douglas Gardner (chair), Dr Christine Callender, Dr Liz Chamberlain, Dr Sabine Little, Shaheen Parekh, Dr Cheryl Diane Parkinson, Elizabeth Robertson, Farrah Serroukh

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