Get Ready to Celebrate International Literacy Day

Get some ideas for this special day celebrating literacy around the world.


UNESCO has been celebrating International Literacy Day for over 40 years.  The day reminds communities everywhere that literacy is a human right and is at the heart of basic education for all.

The UKLA International Committee has come up with some great ideas that you might like to promote in your school, library, university or community to get everyone involved in International Literacy Day 2015.

  • Create a world map with images of books from around the world displayed round the edges and linked to your chosen countries.
  • Take photographs or draw pictures of the children with a book representing their own country/culture.
  • Open the doors to parents and the community and invite them to read a book from their home country (in original language and translation).
  • Enjoy fairy tales from across the world.
  • Read 5 poems in 5 days, each from a different country.
  • Feature at least one book by an author from the countries linked to children in the school.
  • Give a book as a gift and leave a note sharing the importance of literacy.
  • Write a collaborative book, with each child designing a page explaining why reading and writing is important in their lives.  
  • Design a poster promoting reading, or writing, or both. 

Let us at UKLA know how you get on!

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