National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) joins the English Association and the UK Literacy Association to co-publish English 4-11

We are delighted to announce that NATE will join the EA and UKLA as a partner in English 4-11. This strategic alliance will enable all three organisations to promote excellence and innovation in English education for young learners.

Together, all three organisations will harness their collective knowledge and experience to support literacy in the primary classroom.

“We are thrilled to welcome NATE into this partnership, now in its third decade,” said the Chair of the English 4-11 Editorial Board, Dr Sally Wilkinson. “By adding NATE as a partner, we can broaden the reach of the magazine, inspiring the members of all three organisations; we can also draw on NATE’s experience in policy, practice, and research, extending the range of topics covered by the magazine.”

“The development of this partnership demonstrates the open and welcoming nature of English 4-11: written by and for teachers and teacher educators, the magazine offers practical resources and inspiration for teachers in the early years of education, as well as offering teachers in later phases a chance to deepen their knowledge and support their students as they transition into Key Stage 3,” said Dr Rebecca Fisher, CEO of the English Association.

“I’m delighted that NATE will be collaborating with the UKLA and the English Association in the editing and production of the acclaimed English 4-11 magazine. It has never been more important for professional associations to work together and develop strong partnerships so that, collectively, we can empower English teachers, across all phases, to inspire the young people they work with”, said the Chair of NATE, Rachel Laverack.

From the Spring 2024 issue of the magazine, all members of the EA, NATE, and UKLA will have access to English 4-11. The EA offers regular online events, which are free and open to all, that welcome anyone interested into conversations related to the magazine.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr Rebecca Fisher

CEO, English Association

About the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE):

NATE was established in 1963 to provide a forum for development of modern approaches to English teaching. It is an educational charity, governed by a board of Trustees, led by a Director and supported by a team of volunteers, including working group members, regional representatives and English specialists across the world.  Its work over nearly 60 years has been central to the formulation of a progressive, humane approach to English studies underpinned by a conception of the subject that puts student learning at its core.

About the English Association (EA):

The English Association is a subject association for people passionate about English literature, language, and creative writing. We bring together individuals and organisations from all sectors of education and all areas of English studies. Through our publications, events, and networks, we promote dialogue, distribute knowledge, and defend the discipline.

About the UK Literacy Association:

UKLA aims to inform all those concerned with the development of language, literacy and communication, encouraging them in reflection and dialogue, supporting their practice and giving public voice to their concerns.

About English 4-11:

Published three times per year, English 4-11 supports literacy in the primary classroom and is for teachers, including trainee teachers, of primary English. Accessible and lively, the magazine is packed with articles, covering Early Years Education to the end of Key Stage 2. You’ll be inspired by accounts of innovative practice and successful projects, reports of classroom research, reviews of books, software and other resources, interviews with authors, and articles to spark discussion.

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