Primary Literacy Research Collaborative Briefing

The United Kingdom Literacy Association is a member of the Primary Literacy Research Collaborative (PLRC) – a group of leading literacy charities and associations committed to the best possible literacy education for children across the UK and beyond.

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We draw on expertise based on decades of working for literacy education. Our collective membership includes thousands of teachers, teacher educators, educational leaders, consultants, librarians and leading literacy researchers. As such our work combines extensive practical and professional experience with considerable knowledge of literacy research. Consequently we are uniquely placed to support the development of effective literacy policy and provision.

Experiences of Literacy in Lockdown: What can we learn?  is a summary of research findings relevant to literacy in primary schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The briefing presents a series of recommendations for developing literacy teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment frameworks in England in ways that are inclusive, empowering and relevant to children’s current and future lives.  It concludes that, ‘It is timely to look again at literacy teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment frameworks and re-imagine what literacy in primary schools can be.’ The PLRC is committed to supporting this important agenda. 

We work together to share examples of research that underpin the principles explored in this briefing document

For further details please contact Cathy Burnett, Immediate Past President of UKLA.

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