Spellathon: A collection of digital games and resources for spelling from Mencap.

Mencap has been running Spellathon, a successful spelling programme in schools for 20 years...Read more>


Mencap has been running Spellathon, a successful spelling programme in schools for 20 years. Last year we launched a digital version of Spellathon, the sponsored spelling competition for schools. Stephen Fry, who voices the main character, said “This is just about the best integration of imagination, education, technology inclusiveness and fun that I’ve ever encountered. Very proud to have been involved in it, even in the smallest way.”About SpellathonThe new Spellathon makes spelling fun to learn and easy to teach. It’s aimed at primary and secondary schools and will undoubtedly help improve spelling and literacy skills. Pupils play spelling games at school and at home and pledge to spell as many words correctly as they can. In the process, they raise funds for Mencap and their school.The spelling games are free, fully digital, animated and interactive with over 10,000 words linked to the national curriculum. Schools also receive plenty of teaching and fundraising resources. Features include:- an introduction video, narrated by Stephen Fry, for assemblies- a video whiteboard game for the classroom- ability for teachers to select different levels of ability and track individual and class progress by downloading misspelled words reports- spelling bees posters, target words slips, letters to parents and many more resources to make spelling fun and fundraising easy- Schools can receive 25% of the funds their students raise. They can also win £10,000 cash prize and free tickets to attractions We’ve also created a special Christmas inspired word list, to bring some festive cheer to literacy lessons. Schools can register now at www.spellathon.net.About MencapThere are 1.5 million people with a learning disability in the UK, yet few people understand what a learning disability is. Currently 8 out of 10 children with a learning disability are bullied. By raising awareness through Spellathon, Mencap hopes to change this statistic.We hope to improve spelling and literacy standards in the UK as well as raising funds which will go towards our work with people with a learning disability, and to schools if they chose to opt into our 25% back offer.   You can watch a video at http://www.spellathon.net/demo.

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