Campaign for the Book calls for ‘Read Ins’  to protest about library closures

Alan Gibbons, well known children’s author and leading figure in the campaign says: ‘Some 400 libraries are under threat as a consequence of the Comprehensive Spending Review. Councils are expected to save 28% of spending over four years, yet libraries seem to be suffering disproportionate cuts. In a number of areas over half of the branch network is going to lose council funding. On the Isle of Wight only two fully functioning libraries will remain. Campaigners and library users believe many of these councils will no longer be able to provide a 'comprehensive and efficient' service as required under the 1964 Libraries and Museums Act. The Campaign for the Book has issued a call for supporters of the public library service to hold Read Ins in their area on either January 29th or February 5th, depending on the proximity of the council meeting which will decide on spending. In areas where there are already demonstrations against the cuts, Campaign for the Book supporters will attend these events. We have been informed of events in Doncaster, North Yorkshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Lewisham, Barnet, Haringey, Liverpool and on the Isle of Wight. Other areas are planning similar events.If you want to save your library use it, fight for it. If you don't you are going to lose it.’  

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