Media Literacy SIG

A new UKLA Special Interest Group in media literacy is to be convened by Julian McDougall from the Centre for Exellence in Media Practice, a research centre at Bournemouth University. This SIG will provide a network to bring literacy practitioners and media educators in the UK together and a platform for communication with policy makers, OFCOM and European / international media literacy research groups.
A launch symposium, including the dissemination of a study mapping new literacies to Media Studies, will be held in London in the Autumn. Alongside this, the SIG will invite   expressions of interest for new research into media literacies by UKLA members. Over the initial two years of the SIG's activities, it will aim to promote a research-informed approach to media literacy education and to promote media literacy as an essential element of literacy education in the 21st century; collate and support research-informed educational media literacy practice and disseminate this to both literacy and media educators to bring these two communities of practice together. For further information, please contact Julian McDougall: [email protected]

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