The final version of the curriculum review and planning tool available as a free download

This year UKLA was represented as a member of the Teaching Agency (now NCTL) National Curriculum Expert Group for English. The group work was responsible for putting together guidance and resources for schools and HEIs to support the transition to the new KS1, KS2 and KS3 curriculum for English. The final version of the resources are now available below. The format is a review including principles and prompt questions about the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and outcomes for trainees for Reading, Writing and the Spoken Word. The Review and Planning Tool will help providers to support the development of a school curriculum as well as the English curriculum, and takes in to account:
  • home/school partnership
  • EAL  
  • issues of diversity 
  • children with disabilities and special educational needs  
  • 21st century texts  
  • cross curricular organisation  
  • creativity
The review format means that the materials can be used by tutors, schools, groups of schools or individuals as a means of identifying strengths and areas for attention and development. They offer a substantial tool for professional development. We hope you find the materials helpful.

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