TDA launches search for 100,000 tutors to provide helping one to one support to pupils in English sc

The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) is urging teachers in England to sign up to a new government initiative which will provide extra one-on-one support for 600,000 pupils in maths and English. The call to action comes as new research claims the majority of pupils (73 per cent) find it hard to ask for extra help in class. The TDA is calling on current, former and retired qualified teachers to sign up to the programme, with the aim of recruiting up to 100,000 tutors by October 2010. Tutors will be paid to provide ten one-to-one sessions to eligible pupils aged nine to 14 to help get them back on track to meet national expectations. Schools in England will work with their local authorities to identify eligible pupils and tutoring will begin in September. Sessions can take place in a school, in the pupil’s home, or at a town centre location such as a library. Tuition can take place during school hours, after school, at weekends or in school holidays. Tutors will be paid a typical rate of £25 per hour for 12 hours per pupil - 10 hours tuition and two hours planning time . For more information go to

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