New award to celebrate the best in e-books and apps

The UK Literacy Association in association with Booktrust today announces the launch of their Digital Book Award to recognise innovation, creativity and excellence in digital book publishing.

Children’s digital book publishers and developers have the chance to demonstrate how their design, technology and fresh thinking is helping and encouraging children aged six to eight to enjoy stories.

In this first year pilot of the award scheme, teachers from two schools will vote on the best apps and e-books that support reading for pleasure and improve children’s experience of the story.

It is planned to expand the award scheme next year.

David Reedy, UKLA President said: ‘The announcement of the pilot of the UKLA Digital Book Award is an exciting moment. The award reflects the fact that much of all our reading now is digital. What makes this award unique is that it will be chosen by teachers and children together and so will clearly reflect practical qualities to help develop children as readers to the full.'

Viv Bird chief executive of reading charity Booktrust said: 'We are delighted to be partnering the United Kingdom Literacy Association on this innovative new award to encourage the range of ways children can enjoy reading. There have been remarkable advances in this market and we want to celebrate these achievements and highlight the quality of digital publishing.’

The UKLA Digital Book Award in association with Booktrust, sponsored by The Open University, will reward apps, e-books and other digital interactive products that use sounds, visuals, and interaction in innovative ways to make a child’s experience of the story richer and more meaningful.

The digital book may encourage individual or shared story experience between an adult and a child or between children.

The award is open to UK publishers and developers of

Apps for mobile or tablet devices (IOS and/or Android)

Online or web-based experiences or CD-ROMs

Digital products that can be viewed on a PC/Mac or connected to an interactive whiteboard

Advanced e-books or Transmedia (activity across all platforms)

These digital books may appear on any digital platform, including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Wiis, LeapReaders, Kindle and similar reading devices.

For further information email [email protected] FAO Digital Award.

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