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UKLA announces the shortlist for the 2017 Academic Book Award


The four books selected for the shortlist all make distinctive and very different contributions to the field. Their subjects include linguistics, multilingualism in the early years, reading development and teaching, and guiding reading and developing comprehension. The panel this year is chaired by Dr Guy Merchant, Professor of Literacy in Education at Sheffield Hallam University.

The winner will be announced at the UKLA International Conference in Glasgow (30 June to 2 July 2017).

Shortlist UKLA Academic Book Award 2017

  • Marcello Giovanelli and Dan ClaytonKnowing about Language Routledge
  • Sandra Smidt Multingualism - Early Years Routledge
  • Morag Stuart and Rhona Stainthorp Reading Development and Teaching Sage Publishing
  • Wayne Tennent, David Reedy, Angela Hobsbaum, Nikki Gamble Guiding Readers- Layers of Meaning UCL Institute of Education Press

Marcello Giovanelli and Dan Clayton Knowing about Language Routledge

Knowing about Language edited by Marcello Giovanelli and Dan Clayton is an excellent text focusing on the importance and value of linguistics. Although focused on secondary education, the text is suitable for all educators and forms a comprehensive introduction to the history and development of language. Accessibly written with 17 diverse and interesting chapters under the themes of ‘Theoretical, historical and research based perspectives on the English Curriculum’, ‘Applying linguistics in the classroom’ and ‘Linguistics, teacher knowledge and professional development’, so the reader is able to dip into sections which interest them. Based in principled pedagogy this text not only forms an excellent contribution to the field of linguistics, but is also a useful support for teachers who wish to develop their own and their students’ (or pupils’) knowledge about language.

Sandra Smidt Multilingualism Early Years Routledge

In an accessibly written text Sandra Smidt examines the theoretical, political, ideological and practical issues involved in the education of children speaking two or more languages. Smidt uses powerful adult language case studies to explore how language is acquired and shared, and its relationship to class, culture, power, identity and thinking. She asks educationalists to use an intercultural understanding to reflect on children’s rights, and to make a commitment to supporting children’s multilingual education using their mother tongue as a foundation for future academic success.

Morag Stuart and Rhona Stainthorp ‘Reading Development and Teaching’ Sage Publishing

This book provides a thorough and clear resource for those involved in the very highly complex and crucially important business of helping children and young people learn to read. The reader is presented with clear information concerning knowledge about language, reading and understanding words, approaches to teaching and the assessment of reading. This book provides a single resource for busy practitioners to learn and review detailed knowledge of this complex aspect of literacy education. Most importantly, the ideas are set within the context of the available research evidence.

Wayne Tennent, David Reedy, Angela Hobsbaum, Nikki Gamble Guiding Readers- Layers of Meaning UCL Institute of Education Press

This book is an essential for any teacher or educator. The writers take us on a clear journey from research to practice. The introduction explores the principle of ‘guiding reading’ and developing comprehension through dialogic talk and strategies such as reciprocal reading. The eleven case studies then offer different examples of guiding reading sessions using a range of text types and suggest a useful model for mapping the potential of guiding reading texts. This is an invaluable addition to the teaching of reading.

Notes for Editors

The UKLA Academic Book Award is presented yearly for a recently published academic text about the teaching of English for teachers, students, consultants or HE tutors. The panel looks for books that make a lasting, significant contribution to the teaching of English.

Specifically, the award is given to a text which fulfils many of the following criteria.

The text:

  • makes a distinctive contribution to literacy education
  • inspires the teaching of literacy
  • is based on sound literacy research
  • will be a lasting and rich resource for teachers, teacher educators and students
  • encourages teachers, teacher educators and students to be reflective, innovative and creative
  • is accessibly written
  • can be for any or all key stages from early years to KS5
  • is relevant to classroom practice
  • if an edited collection, has a clear editorial voice

Details of past winners

The UKLA Academic Book Award is presented yearly. Calls for submissions for 2017 will be on-line August 2017.

Shortlisting panel: Carrie Ansell, Beverley Barnes, Jane Bednall, Jane Carter, Doreen Challen, Joy Court, Lynda Graham (chair), Natalia Kucirkova, Chris Lockwood, Penny Manford, Roger McDonald, Rebecca Phillips, Eleanor Power, Dianne Smith

Final panel: Dr. Guy Merchant (Chair), Carrie Ansell, Beverley Barnes, Jane Bednall, Doreen Challen, Lynda Graham, Chris Lockwood, Penny Manford, Rebecca Phillips, Dianne Smith


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