UKLA launches its vision for future literacy education

As the election campaigning gets underway for the poll on May 6th UKLA has published its ‘Agenda for Action’ as a special supplement in the spring 2010 edition of English 4-11. The ‘Agenda for Action’ will be sent to all the major political parties to make a strategic intervention in their thinking about future educational policy, particularly policy associated with literacy teaching and learning. To ensure that literacy education in the UK is world class UKLA calls for:
  • a more coherent approach to listening and talking as central to the curriculum 
  • learning opportunities that engage learners creatively and take account of the multiple modes of learning 
  • wider recognition of the vital role that digital literacy plays in the lives of children and young people
  • greater awareness of the important role of language in learning and intercultural understanding 
  • teaching strategies and a curriculum that is locally relevant, respecting and valuing home literacy experience and cultural background 
  • attention to the needs of individual children as well as an integrated approach to interventions in literacy
  • a more enlightened approach to assessment and testing 
  • greater emphasis on the role of literature in children’s emotional, intellectual and social development.  
UKLA is recommending the establishment of a national working party to discuss and debate the shape and design of literacy policy, pedagogy and curriculum.  The full text of the Agenda for Action can also be downloaded as a pdf file below.   The ‘Agenda for Action’  is a work in progress, so comments and responses are encouraged and welcomed via the UKLA website members blog page:    


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