Take part in HISTORY™  presents The People Speak, a new and exciting event in the West En

Take part in HISTORY™ presents The People Speak, a new event, that will be produced by Colin Firth, which will encourage your pupils to speak out.


‘HISTORY™ presents The People Speak’ The UK Literacy Association has been informed about a new event which looks to provide a powerful purpose to develop spoken language. Called ‘HISTORY™ presents The People Speak’ it aims to provide  teachers and students across the UK the chance to bring literacy to life in their classrooms.  Primary and secondary teachers can find out about new free resources for 7-18 year olds and how they and their pupils can win tickets to attend and have backstage passes for a celebrity-packed theatrical event in London’s West End. The People Speak event is a unique and powerful theatre performance that will be produced and narrated by BAFTA-award winning actor Colin Firth in September. Some of the UK’s top performers will speak words from the voices of our past as written in actual letters, songs, poems, speeches and manifestos. The People Speak education programme encourages teachers to ask their pupils to write their visions for their futures, for their community, themselves, and what they feel passionate about. Among the free resources that explore various elements in social history and change, are an innovative series that looks at Victorian conditions for top primary pupils and a series that look at human rights and responsibilities in elections.To find out more go to  http://www.history.co.uk/thepeoplespeak

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