UKLA Academic Book Award 2023

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UKLA Academic Book Award 2024

This award is presented annually for a recently published academic text about the development of literacy that will be of interest to teachers, students, consultants or HE tutors.

This award is presented annually for a recently published academic text about the development of literacy that will be of interest to teachers, students, consultants or HE tutors. The panel looks for books that make a lasting, significant contribution to the teaching of English and literacy at all stages, literacy teacher education or to heightening engagement and motivation with reading.

Nominations are invited from a wide range of publishers of academic books. We welcome books that represent diversity in authorship and have appeal to a diverse, culturally inclusive readership.

The book receiving the award will fulfil many of the following criteria:

  • makes a distinctive and/or inspiring contribution to literacy education;
  • is based on, and engages with, sound, diverse and inclusive research, with explanations of relevant theory, references, and examples of practice;
  • promotes diversity and is culturally inclusive;
  • has the potential to be a rich and lasting resource for teachers, teacher educators or students working in a wide variety of contexts;
  • encourages teachers, teacher educators and students to be reflective, innovative and creative;
  • is accessibly written and recognises a broad range of perspectives, experiences and voices;
  • is relevant to any or all key stages from early years to KS5;
  • is relevant to classroom practice, literacy teacher development or to community literacy practices or development projects;
  • if visual illustrations and diagrams are used, they are clear, enhance the explanation, and, wherever possible, represent diversity;
  • if an edited collection, it has a clear editorial voice that makes connections between articles and helps to build a coherent argument;

In addition, the winning book will have been carefully proof read to ensure high standards of presentation and accuracy in both syntax and spelling.

Panel Chair: Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges, Retired Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education.

Submissions for the Academic Book Award 2024

This year, publishers are invited to submit relevant academic books published for the first time in the UK or Ireland between November 1st 2022 and October 31st 2023. Books may previously have been published in other countries, and translations are eligible.

Submissions should be made by 31st October 2023 using this form [Insert link]. Enquiries: FAO Penny

UKLA would also like to thank the following authors and publishers of the other four books shortlisted for this award:

Reading Teachers: Nurturing Reading for Pleasure edited by Teresa Cremin, Helen Hendry, Lucy Rodriguez Leon and Natalia Kucirkova, published by Routledge

Bringing Forth the Bard: A Guide to Teaching Shakespeare in the English Classroom by Zoe Ensor, published by Crown House Publishing Limited.

A Poetry Pedagogy for Teachers: Reorienting Classroom Literacy Practices by Maya Pindyck and Ruth Vinz, published by Bloomsbury.

Integrating Children’s Literature in the Classroom: Insights for the Primary and Early Years Educator by Rosemary Waugh & David Waugh, published by Open University Press.

Chair of Panel: Gabrielle Cliff Hodges

Panel Members: Andrea Balein, Sarah Brownsword, Susan Chapman, Velda Elliott, Theresa Gooda, Penny Manford, Elizabeth Robertson, Rebecca Simpson-Hargreaves

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