UKLA announces the winners of the UKLA/ Wiley Research in Literacy Education Award 2024

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This award recognises exemplary papers from UKLA journals published by Wiley.

UKLA is pleased to announce the JRR and Literacy winners of the prestigious UKLA/ Wiley Research in Literacy Education Award 2024.

The Award is given annually for papers judged to be exemplary in terms of the criteria applied. The winning lead authors will be honoured at the UKLA International Conference in Brighton, 5th-7th July, 2025 and invited to present a seminar at the conference.The Awards Committee congratulates the shortlisted authors for this year’s Wiley Prizes.

Journal for Research in Reading

The winner of the Award was:

Reading motivation, well-being and reading achievement in second grade students (Vered Vaknin-Nusbaum and Elizabeth D. Tuckwiller) Vol 46(1)

The Awards Panel commented:

The panel found this article relevant, accessible, and timely. Hebrew language education is taken up in a post Covid context with a particular focus on motivation for reading in relation to wellbeing and reading achievement. The impacts of formal education caused by Covid resulted in a down slide of formal reading achievements. This coincided with broader challenges for families and schools as well as children themselves who were known to experience wellbeing related challenges and lack of motivation for and engagement with reading. This study has contributed towards understanding the important associations between these factors; and the findings have generated new insights into the importance of engaging young children with reading in and outside of school.

The other shortlisted articles were:

The role of letter knowledge acquisition ability on children’s decoding and word identification: Evidence from an artificial orthography (Joana Acha, Nuria Rodriguez, Manuel Perea) Vol 46(4)

Influence of parents’ education and home literacy environment on reading interest of deaf children (Qianqian Wang, Minjie Ma, Yan Huang, Xichen Wang, Tingzhao Wang) Vol 46(3)

Classroom effects are as large as grade-level effects on curriculum-based measurement maze reading scores of secondary school students with and without special educational needs (Jana Jungjohann, Michael Schurig, Markus Gebhardt) Vol 46(4)


The winner of the award was:

The literacies-as-events in the day of a life of an octogenarian: literacies of thriving as habits of a lifetime and (im)materially constituted  by Rachel Heydon and Roz Stooke, Vol 57(3)

The Awards Panel commented:

The panel found this article inspiring, engaging, and novel. The literacy-as-event approach in the context of an older research population sheds important light on everyday literacy practices and experiences. The paper illustrates how insightful and impactful it can be to engage with individual experiences in detail. A vivid portrayal the literacy life of Gina (the participant) offers both important methodological contributions as well as disciplinary implications for literacy practices in the lives of older people.

The other shortlisted articles were:

Literacy and literary learning on BookTube through the lenses of Latina BookTubers  by Lenin Paladines and Cristina Aliagas,  Vol 57(1)

Student teachers as creative writers: does an understanding of creative pedagogies matter?  by Kerry Assemakis, Vol 57(1)

Critical literacy: an approach to child rights education in Uganda and Canada  by Shelley Jones and Kathleen Manion 57(2)

Children’s literacy funds of knowledge in an urban Mexican elementary school: changing the approach  by Esther Tapia, Illiana Reyes and Judith Kalman Vol 57(3)

Rethinking the contributions of young people with learning disabilities to iPad storymaking: a new model of distributed authorship  by Lauran Doak, 57(3)

The shortlists were chosen by panels convened by Literacy editors Karen Daniels, Sam Duncan, Sinead Harmey, Rachel Levy and Lucy Taylor, and JRR editors Helen Breadmore and Bonnie Chow. The winners were chosen by the Wiley Award Panel: Mia Perry and Fiona Maine (Co Chairs), Danielle Dennis, Sabine Little, Jonathan Solity and Dongbo Zhang.

The panel would like to congratulate all of those authors who were nominated for the award, and Wiley for their continued generosity in supporting this award.

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