UKLA Monthly Member Feature – Laura Hamm

Meet our September UKLA monthly member feature, Laura Hamm from London, UK...

Laura Hamm

Name:  Laura Hamm

Location: London, UK

Profession:  Founder of Fabled which helps kids tell their stories.

3 words to describe yourself:  Excited, Fast-talking, Word-lover.

3 things you love to do in your spare time:  Play, dance, and read in the bath.

Length of UKLA membership:  June 2020 – a newbie!

Reason for joining UKLA:  I’d long admired the UKLA’s work and when I belatedly realised I could be more directly involved in supporting and learning from you I was right on the case!

Share a memorable experience with UKLA: The first meeting of the UKLA SIG on Teaching Writing, of which I am a very proud member. Even over Zoom the energy and commitment from the group for writing for pleasure was palpable!

Describe UKLA in one word:  Empowering

Connect with Laura: Twitter.

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