UKLA/OU Quality Mark


UKLA/OU Quality Mark  2024/25

After a highly successful first year we are looking for a new cohort of schools who would like to be considered for the OU/UKLA RfP Quality Mark.

Professor Michael Rosen, a UKLA Ambassador, said ‘This Quality Mark is a great idea. It gives schools something to aim for and a yardstick by which they can check whether they are delivering a whole school reading for pleasure programme.  It will also be an indication to parents, pupils and teachers that a school is making reading for pleasure a priority.’

The UKLA/OU Quality Mark recognises and rewards schools which have developed, embedded and enriched their RfP culture and ethos with recognisable impact on staff knowledge and practice,  on parents and on young people’s recreational reading. 

Applying for and gaining the UKLA/OU Quality Mark is a highly supportive year long process. Each school will mentored by an expert in reading for pleasure research and practice who will help schools audit their provision, decide whether to apply for a silver, gold or platinum award and prepare their impact statement and final submission. 

In 2024-2025,  following the RfP CPD and QM Introductory Session in April, just 25 schools will be selected to work toward the Quality Mark. The launch for these schools is on 12th June 1-3pm.

Achieving the UKLA/OU Quality Mark  will position your school as a centre of excellence for nurturing young readers who choose to read widely and frequently within and beyond school. 

If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, you are invited to register for the RfP CPD and QM Introductory session to find out more, to be supported in deciding whether to apply and to be informed about additional RfP opportunities. Please bring an ace children’s book with you.

This takes place on Thursday 24th April: 2pm- 4pm.

UKLA members and non-members are welcome. 

The session will: 

  • Provide research-informed CPD on RfP
  • Introduce the QM selection process
  • Share additional RfP opportunities

To register for the session, follow this link: – the session costs £40. This will be refunded against the cost of the QM for schools accepted onto the programme. Schools who registered and attended the 2023 will not be charged for attending the 2024 session.

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