UKLA Research Sub Committee Student Research Prize 2022

The UKLA Research Sub-Committee is delighted to announce that following robust consideration, the committee has agreed to make the following awards for the Student Research Prize 2022: 


Postgraduate award (PhD): Dr Elizabeth (Libby) Nelson – Supervisor Mia Perry, University of Glasgow

Understanding Childhood and Play in the Post-Digital Age

Undergraduate award: Elizabeth Jennings – Supervisor Susan Jones, University of Nottingham 

‘A bit like sex education’ – Media literacy education and primary school children: mothers’ understanding, attitudes, and expectations. 

Special commendation (EdD): Dr Mari Lewis – Supervisor Isabella Rega, Bournemouth University

A Critically-engaged Syncretic Language Narrative of two Building Trades Students and their families: Developing Identity-resonance for Self-actualising Minorities’ Right to Be, Believe and Belong

The quality of all nominated submissions was very high, and the committee felt privileged to read and discuss the work. The Postgraduate award to Dr Libby Nelson has been given for its outstanding quality, as well as its relevance to the UKLA audience. The Special commendation to Dr Mari Lewis is awarded for the study’s significance and eloquence. The Undergraduate award to Elizabeth Jennings recognises the dissertation’s timely and well-rationalised research focus and careful presentation. We would like to express our congratulations to all nominated students and the prize winners. 

Nominations for the 2023 award can be made any time from now until November 1st 2022 using the nomination process on the UKLA website. This involves supervisors providing a 100 word summary of the student work. Full information is available here:

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

UKLA Research Sub Committee, March 2022

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