​UKLA Wiley Research in Literacy Education Award 2020 Shortlists Announced

UKLA is delighted to share some good news at this challenging time.


UKLA Wiley Research in Literacy Education Award 2020.

UKLA is delighted to share some good news at this challenging time. We are pleased to announce shortlists for the prestigious UKLA Wiley Research in Literacy Education Award 2020. The shortlists are chosen by working parties convened by the editors of JRR and Literacy: Jessie Ricketts & Nenagh Kemp and Dianne R. Collier & Natalia Kucirkova.

The winners will be announced in the summer term. Chair of panel Wayne Tennent.

UKLA congratulates all the shortlisted authors:



Liz Chamberlain, Places, spaces and local customs: honouring the private worlds of out‐of‐school text creationVol 53. Issue 1 pages 39-45

Candice Satchwell, Collaborative writing with young people with disabilities: raising new questions of authorship and agencyVol 53. Issue 2 pages 77-85

Danielle Dennis & Chris Hemmings ,Making the simple more complex: the influence of job‐embedded professional development in supporting teacher expertise in reading

Kate Kovalik & Jen Scott Curwood, #poetryisnotdead: understanding Instagram poetry within a transliteracies framework

Rebecca Woodard: Teacher–writer–crafter–maker: an exploration of how making mattered for one writing teacherVol 53. Issue 4 pages 236-244


Virginia Clinton, Reading from paper compared to screens: A systematic review and meta‐analysis Vol 42. Number 2 pp 288-325

Margriet Groen, Nathalie Veenendaal & Ludo Verhoeven The role of prosody in reading comprehension: evidence from poor comprehenders Vol 42. Number 1 pp37-57

Lauren Kavanagh Relations between children’s reading motivation, activity and performance at the end of primary school Vol 42. Issues 3-4 pages 562-582

Aviva Segal Sandra Martin-Chang What does anOsay when there’s noEat the end?’ Parents’ reading‐related knowledge and feedback during child‐to‐parent reading Vol 42. Number 2 pp349-370

Stephanie Zuilkowski, Benjamin Piper, Dunston Kwayumba, Margaret Dubeck Examining options for reading comprehension assessment in international contexts Vol 42. Issue 3-4 pages 583-599

UKLA members can access all of these papers by logging into the UKLA website and visiting this page for Literacy and this pae for the Journal of Research in Reading.

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