UKLA Children’s literature conference a great success!

“UKLA again demonstrates itself as an invaluable association in promoting the love of English in education”


Children’s Literature and the Creative Curriculum – British Library, March 11th 2008

“UKLA again demonstrates itself as an invaluable association in promoting the love of English in education” – Head teacher Gillian Powe

Comments from participants about this successful conference: “A truly inspiring and stimulating day where speakers spoke passionately about the benefits of creating meaning through the use of books. Professor Teresa Cremin was as always passionate and stimulating in her approach at creating meaning from a text through drama. The focus on children’s literature and how to use it in a practical context was both fascinating and illuminating. UKLA again demonstrates itself as an invaluable association in promoting the love of English in education.” Gillian Powe: Head teacher Bishop Road Primary School, Bristol “The Children’s Literature and Creative Curriculum Conference was a fantastic event. The programme of lectures (based on relevant research), workshops (it’s true you do learn more when it’s participatory) and talks by inspirational writers was the perfect mix for such a day.” Sarah Butler, PGCE Course Leader for Secondary English, Sheffield “I thoroughly enjoyed the UKLA conference on creativity and reading. I was inspired by the speakers and their enthusiasm for the projects that they had been part of, so much so that one of the workshops almost reduced me to tears of joy, as I felt as though through my active listening, I was sharing in the success of an amazing group of children from a school in Hackney. Hearing authors, speaking to colleagues and listening to successful head teachers made the day thoroughly enjoyable and I came away with a spring in my step, thinking about how I could improve my own practice and help my school, and others in my borough move forwards in their quest for creativity.” Vicky Willan: teacher Woodmansterne Primary School, Streatham, London “I attend many conferences but Tuesday’s event was inspiring. The main speakers provoked thought, discussion and reflection both personally and in terms of my role. Greg Wallace’s workshop and his approach to the creative curriculum was spell binding. I sat and listened with growing excitement and an absolute conviction that this was what I wanted to see in schools in Sheffield. During lunch I managed just by being behind Sue McGonagall from CLPE in the lunch queue to find out about the work she was doing too, all very exciting stuff! Since Tuesday everyone I’ve spoken to has had to listen to ‘my news’ and I know feel at the end that they missed out on the event of the term! Thanks for the conference.” Pam Fell: Senior Literacy Consultant-Sheffield “I found the UKLA conference on ‘Children’s literature and the Creative Curriculum’ to be a wonderful professional development experience. It was so refreshing and stimulating to be addressed as a professional and to hear real research that investigated important current issues creatively, instead of CPD which mainly concerns itself with specific curriculum requirements driven by statistical aims. The quality and variety of speakers make an amazing ‘whole’ experience. As an ordinary classroom teacher, this conference provided rare time and space for deeper self-reflection based on the speakers wider perspectives on education. I just wish all my colleagues could have joined me! Looking forward to the next one!” Claire McCabe, teacher Avonmore Primary School, West Kensington, London

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