​Richard Charlesworth – London

Hi! My name is Richard Charlesworth and I am a Teaching and Enhancement Lead of English at Springwell Primary School, West London. Having recently graduated with a Masters degree in Children’s Literature, I am passionate about the development of a more creative and effective English curriculum, one which reflects on theory and research in the field.

Over the past few years, I have worked alongside my Headteacher to implement unique, one-off lessons using high-quality picturebooks across the school curriculum. This has allowed children to write around a range of important issues and themes. One of my current interests is developing children’s empathy through a range of texts – having studied the affect that graphic novels may have on their readers in my own research.

Since joining the UKLA in March 2018, I have already seen the benefits of being part of such a supportive and nurturing community of like minded literature enthusiasts. I know the UKLA will continue to inspire me for many years to come and hope to spread the wonderful work that is going on across the region.

Any questions? Do get in touch. I tweet @rcharlesworth

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