Lauren Freedman – South

Hi, I’m Lauren. Having taught in KS2 for my whole teaching career, I am venturing into a new role as KS1 Phase Leader – at Barton Park Primary School – from September 2020.

How the UKLA has inspired me:

As a child, I didn’t really enjoy reading: my dyslexia made it incredibly difficult and unrewarding. This view of reading as an uphill struggle all changed in the space of 15 minutes during my teacher training. Former Cambridge UKLA Rep – Mary Anne Wolpert – used a range of props to act out Mini Grey’s Traction Man; in an instant, reading was tantalising and irresistible. 

From that moment, I wanted to ensure that reading left children spellbound and desperate for more. I wanted children to feel like I felt after that 15-minute lecture. My UKLA membership has provided me with the opportunity to continually feel inspired through seminars, networking and the chance to review for the UKLA’s English 4-11 magazine. I cannot recommend joining this organisation more highly: my pedagogical approach to literature has transformed.

Since joining the UKLA…

I have completed my MEd in Children’s Literature (at the University of Cambridge) through which I explored whether the teaching of Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (in Y6) has an impact on children’s reading for pleasure; I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside Teresa Cremin on the Teacher Advisory Board for the OU Teachers as Readers website; and have recently been on the judging panel for the UKLA Teacher Book Awards.

If you have any questions about joining the UKLA, or simply fancy a book blether feel free to get in touch: @CreativeTeach15 or email me.

If you haven’t read Traction Man or heard of Mini Grey – she might just change your life! 

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