Design Literacies: Learning and Innovation in the Digital Age

by Mary P. Sheridan

 and Jennifer Rowsell

This book explores new ways of meaning making by examining the practices, stories, and products of new and digital media producers with the goal of understanding the logic of marketplace production.
Based on interviews with thirty new media and digital technology producers, including designers of video games, community activists and marketers of digital technologies, Design Literacies looks at the shared patterns and common themes and offers a window into contemporary out-of-school practices, a language to describe these practices and a pedagogy that better meets students’ needs in this new media and digital age.
With a foreword by Gunther Kress and an afterword by James Gee, Design Literacies: Learning and Innovation in the Digital Age will be of interest to postgraduate and graduate students of applied linguistics and education.

ISSN: 978-0-415-55964-5
PUBLISHER: Routledge


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