Minibook 51 Cover

Embodied Learning: Bringing knowledge to life for primary and secondary teachers

by Margaret Branscombe

Edited by Penny Manford

As a contribution to the United Kingdom Literacy Association’s series of Minibooks you may be wondering what embodied learning has to do with literacy? Everything is my response.


Eve Bearne: I bought this book because of all the modes involved in multimodality, the body isn’t often considered, yet it is an instrument for a great deal of expression and communication. Not only that, movement helps thinking: some people think their best thoughts when they’re running or walking. And I’ve long been a champion of ‘pushing the desks back’. So I was pleased when this book came out and really interested in the content, particularly as it covers many different areas of the curriculum. As Margaret Branscombe comments, there is a clear ‘synergy between doing and thinking’ – and the examples in the book will give teachers plenty of ideas for both.

ISSN: 2041-935
ISBN: 978-1-912912-20-9
PUBLISHER: UKLA Publications


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