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Leading English in the Primary School: A Subject Leader’s Guide

by Lisa Baldwin

Leading English in the Primary School is a comprehensive guide for both aspiring and experienced leaders of primary English. It supports you in navigating your way through the role and offers practical guidance to help you develop a clear understanding of how to improve the teaching of English in your school.Written by experts with extensive experience of both leadership and the primary classroom, it explores skills required for effective subject leadership while continually considering the specific implications for English. With action and reflection points throughout the book, it offers a detailed introduction to:- the role of the English subject leader- implementing strategy and vision- adapting to new educational policy- methods for leading teaching and learning- how and why leaders evaluate and monitor progress- contemporary changes to the curriculum.Rich case studies reveal how schools lead English in practice and provide real-life examples of English subject leaders’ decision-making processes and actions. Grounding the subject leader role in the current curriculum, Leading English in the Primary School is a source of advice, support and inspiration for all professionals embracing the complex, challenging, yet fulfilling role of Primary English Leader.


This splendid book reverberates with realism, wisdom and practicality. Each chapter supports the English subject leader through current research and evidence, case study examples, and most particularly, invitations to pause and reflect on practice. Guiding these reflections are two key questions: What do good subject leaders think? and What do good subject leaders do? The authors offer plenty of excellent support for practice but, importantly, invite readers to be reflective about how best to develop their role as subject leaders in their own school. There are also lists of extra sources of support – books, organisations and websites. Every English subject leader, no matter how experienced, will benefit from this book which offers unparalleled support for enlightened subject leadership. Eve Bearne, Associate Editor, UKLA

ISSN: 9781138304925
PUBLISHER: Routledge


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