The Really Useful Literacy Book: Being Creative with English in the Primary Classroom

by Tony Martin, Chira Lovat and Glynis Wood

This book has been written with primary classroom teachers and teachers-in-waiting in mind. The National Literacy Strategy has had its impact in almost all primary schools, but many teachers are now looking to develop their practice in a more flexible way. 

The book provides inventive ideas for the classroom together with an accessible summary of theories underpinning them which acts as a springboard for further inspiration. The authors, all highly experienced literacy specialists, show the reader how to plan for their own units of work rather than simply teaching from pre-worked examples and use as their base four ‘big ideas’:

  • Contents and coherence
  • Motivation
  • Skill building
  • Content and process

These help lead the reader through a set of principles and practise, which, when applied to familiar elements of the literacy framework, i.e. narrative, non-fiction, traditional tales, poems, spoken and written language, will encourage the teacher to formulate their own exciting, creative and flexible literacy teaching. They also show how to plan valuable cross-curricular links so that literacy is not seen as a separate compartment of the curriculum. 

This book is an essential companion for teachers who want to move on from the rigid ‘literacy hour’ format but who do not want to lose the real progress that has been made in the development of their teaching strategies.

ISSN: 978 0415 43165 1
PUBLISHER: RoutledgeFalmer


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