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UKLA's suggestions for books that connect with and celebrate LGBTQ+ lives, history and experiences.
This webinar offers ways of building literacy teaching and research around photography as a powerful emotional and intellectual way into meaning making.
Teresa Cremin outlines how short stories can offer exciting possibilities for classroom work
Developing a Culturally Inclusive Curriculum by Jane Bednall, Sharon Fell and Niv CuloraThis UKLA online professional development resource is designed to support schools in developing a culturally inclusive curriculum.
CLPE released its second Reflecting Realities report on 19 September 2019. The Reflecting Realities: Survey of Ethnic Representation within UK Children’s Literature 2018 shows that there has been an increased presence of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) characters in children’s books published in 2018, compared to the previous year. This is the second year the survey has been conducted in the UK, with the aim of identifying and highlighting representation within picture books, fiction and non-fiction for ages 3 – 11.
As part of the Visual Journeys international research project, children newly arrived in Scotland and in the very early stages of learning English, explored David Wiesner’s book Flotsam and Shaun Tan’s The Arrival. The article offers suggestions for helping bilingual children to read complex (and wordless) picturebooks and shows how such shared reading experiences can help children tell their own stories.Thanks to The English Association for allowing UKLA to reproduce the article.
In a school where over 47 different languages are spoken and there is a higher than average proportion of children who have additional educational needs, the staff developed cross-curricular projects as a basis for developing whole school literacy policy. This highly illustrated article describes the inspirational work of years 2 and 5.Thanks to The English Association for allowing UKLA to reproduce the article.
A project with years 5 and 6 pupils designed to gain an understanding of slavery, drew on the quality picture book Dave the Potter Artist, Poet, Slave by Laban Carrick Hill, illustrated by Bryan Collier. Dave was born into slavery in South Carolina at the turn of the nineteenth century, became a skilled potter, was sold to several different owners, survived the civil war and eventually obtained his freedom.Thanks to The English Association for allowing UKLA to reproduce the article.
Our summer issue of the members' newsletter
In this presentation with a Q&A, Julia Gillen explains why it is reasonable to call Edwardian picture postcards social media.
Find out more about the books on the 2020 UKLA Book Awards longlists

In this video I explore how close reading in the secondary English classroom might be approached from a critical literacy perspective by engaging with language, literacy, and power.

This talk explains why heritage language development is important, and how everyday school literacy practices can be adapted to include multilingualism.

Here are our suggestions for on and off line activities for all ages. 

Improve your understanding of verb phrases and noun phrases

See the full shortlists for the UKLA Book Award 2020.

We have an amazing opportunity to indulge in reading with children. Many of us will not be lucky enough to have a huge array of books to explore and so we have pulled together some websites that enable you to explore stories with their authors

In this edition read about new 2020 Shadowing opportunities for teacher members, UKLA Research Grant Awards, brand new books and dates for your diary.
UKLA believes that writing is not a skill; it’s a craft.
UKLA believes that vocabulary develops as language in use, not by learning words out of context.
UKLA believes that talk is the bedrock of children’s personal, social, cultural, cognitive, creative and imaginative development.

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