Sage/UKLA Series

This series is designed for teachers, researchers, students and colleagues in higher education.

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These books link theory firmly with practice, providing overviews of current thinking with suggestions about classroom approaches. Phonics: Practice, research and policy edited by Maureen Lewis and Sue Ellis (2006), remains a key text, presenting a balanced view of this sometimes controversial topic.

Visual Approaches to Teaching Writing by Eve Bearne and Helen Wolstencroft (2007) sees multimodality as an essential element of the English curriculum, providing practical guidance for planning and teaching (accompanied by a CDROM).

In 2009, Jackie Marsh and Elaine Hallet revised and reprinted the popular Desirable Literacies: Approaches to Language and Literacy in the Early Years Victoria Carrington and Muriel Robinson edited the collection Digital Literacies: Social Learning and Classroom Practices, exploring the range of 21st century literacies in classrooms and homes. In Young Children Reading at Home and at School (2011), Rachael Levy shows how some of our tried and tested approaches to teaching reading may be counter-productive, and are causing some young children to lose confidence in their abilities as readers.

Primary English Teaching, edited by Robyn Cox (2011) is a comprehensive introduction to language, literacy and learning in primary school, exploring the theoretical issues that underpin pedagogical practice in the primary English language classroom.

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