Creating STARS – Student Teachers As Readers

Alastair Daniel, University of Winchester
Co-researchers: Tracy Parvin; Joy Stanton; Roger McDonald; Fiona Evans; Liz Chamberlain
An exploration of student teachers’ developing knowledge and understanding of children’s literature and how this impacts on pedagogy. 

This project builds on the work of the UKLA Children’s Literature SIG and The Reading Agency’s Chatterbooks programme. Students from four universities have been invited to participate in developing children’s literature circles in schools, using the Chatterbooks materials produced by The Reading Agency. The research explores students’ progress and development through this project, and how their developing knowledge and understanding has supported that of the children with whom they have worked.

Drawing on semi-structured group interviews with students involved in the project, it aims to explore:

  • student knowledge of children’s literature and how this might be supported and developed;
  • student perspectives on how literature circles might support reading for pleasure in young children;
  • students’ engagement and subject knowledge development with regards to their role in children’s reading development.

For further information contact Alastair Daniel at [email protected]