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Influencing Policies through Research

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UKLA’s response to DfE consultation

by Alayne Öztürk

We are pleased to make UKLA’s response to the consultation on ‘Primary assessment and accountability under the new national curriculum’ available. Our response was informed by members’ views at a consultation meeting on 14th September 2013. Many thanks to all who participated in this process.

UKLA Response to the Consultation on Teacher Professional Development

by David Reedy

This consultation concerns the previous government’s proposals for teacher professional development in England and focuses on: Improving the quality of professional development and learning undertaken by all teachers; and Facilitating the establishment of a new independent professional body for teaching (a “College of Teaching”).

Open Letter concerning the ‘phonics check’ for six year olds in English primary schools

by David Reedy, Andrew Davis, Greg Brooks, John Gawthorpe, John Hickman, Russell Hobby, Chris Keates, Paul Latham, Bethan Marshall, Janet Moyles, Carole Torgerson

Letter sent to the Secretary of State, 20th June 2014

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CLPE Reading and Writing Scales

Formative assessment scales for reading and writing.  These new formative assessment scales are written for the teaching profession by the teaching profession to support assessment of reading and writing in the new national curriculum. These tools will support progression and inform classroom practice in the 21st Century. They have been developed by CLPE in partnership with UKLA, NATE, NAAE and the English Media Centre and include the informative ‘Research Towards a Comprehensive Pedagogy for Reading and Writing’ document collated by UKLA members Henrietta Dombey, Fiona Maine and Andrew Lambirth

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Teachers as Readers: Building Communities of Readers - Research projects, resources and evaluations

by Teresa Cremin, Marilyn Mottram, Sacha Powell, Kimberly Safford, Fiona Collins

This UKLA project was planned in response to recurring evidence that suggests children in England continue to read less independently and find less pleasure in reading than many of their peers in other countries (Twist et al., 2003; 2007). This series of downloads includes the reports and resources associated with the project, plus the award winning paper that received the UKLA / Wiley-Blackwell Research in Literacy Education Award: Literacy 2009.

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Reasons for reading: why literature matters

by Gabrielle Cliff Hodges

Taking as its starting point a selection of surveys and policy documents before moving to consider views from theorists, writers and young readers, this article seeks to stimulate debate about why reading literature as part of the curriculum still matters.