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Reading for Pleasure

by Teresa Cremin

This article by Teresa Cremin has been developed for the National College discussion on wider reading and reading for pleasure.

Phonics check concerns and critiques of the phonics test

by Margaret Clark

Professor Margaret M Clarke OBE questions aspects of the phonics check. She has analysed the results and implications of the phonics check required of all children at the end of Year 1 in England since 2012. Under the Freedom of Information Act, Professor Clarke has discovered the costs for the phonics test and the phonics ‘catalogue’ offer to schools. Thanks to Demitri Coryton for permission to publish these articles.

Primary English Magazine

Writing argument in year one

by David Reedy, Jeni Riley

This article by David Reedy and Jeni Riley focuses on writing non-narrative in the Early Years.

Designs on Writing Part 1

by Debra Myhill

From the Secondary English Magazine, we have the first in a three-part series by Debra Myhill entitled ‘Designs on Writing’.

CPDFree Resources

Reading and Writing Fact Cards: Professional Development Activities

UKLA has published key professional development activities to support the popular reading and writing fact cards.  The activities are designed to support professional development in schools and will be invaluable to literacy leaders in running training and staff meetings. You can download cards on a range of topics, including Grammar, Spelling, Puncuation and Working with stories.

Noun Phrases: Part 1

by Jim Crinson

Jim Crinson starts a major new series on how to respond to the current pressure to teach grammar, whilst ensuring that this is done in the context of children’s own reading and writing.