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UKLA Viewpoints: Reading comprehension

UKLA believes that comprehension involves what the reader brings to the text as well as what the reader understands from the text.

  • Comprehension is not a single mental process. It is a complex combination of component parts which work together to help the reader understand the text.
  • Comprehension results from readers applying strategies that support and deepen understanding.
  • Teachers can draw attention to, and model, the use of these strategies so that young readers can develop the ability to use them independently.
  • Teacher questioning should offer models for questions readers might ask themselves when they read, and young readers’ independent questioning should be encouraged.
  • All kinds of texts – film, picturebooks, poetry, plays, fiction and non-fiction - should form part of the comprehension repertoire.

You can download the full UKLA Viewpoint on reading comprehension to the right of this page.