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CLPE Reading and Writing Scales

Formative assessment scales for reading and writing. These new formative assessment scales are written for the teaching profession by the teaching profession to support assessment of reading and writing in the new national curriculum. These tools will support progression and inform classroom practice in the 21st Century. They have been developed by CLPE in partnership with UKLA, NATE, NAAE and the English Media Centre and include the informative 'Research Towards a Comprehensive Pedagogy for Reading and Writing' document collated by UKLA members Henrietta Dombey, Fiona Maine and Andrew Lambirth

Curriculum and Assessment in English 3 to 19: A Better Plan

by John Richmond

CLPE, NAAE, NATE and UKLA have come together to make a common statement about the curriculum and assessment in English across the whole school age-range. This statement is made up of 6 PDFs available to download.

English 4-11

Contemporary approaches to classic text - Beowulf

by Gill Robins

Gill Robins explores the Anglo-Saxon epic ‘Beowulf’ with a class of Year 5 children. Describing how exploratory talk lays the foundation of the project, she goes on to evaluate the children’s multi-media responses to a timeless tale of good and evil. The article concludes with a reflection on the quality and value of the learning which these projects have prompted.

Thanks to the English Association for allowing UKLA to reproduce the article.

Books for Keeps


by Emily Gravett

In this popular series, the published Book for Keeps review of the featured story is combined with a summary of the key themes in the book, some teaching ideas, and connections to other stories that teachers may find useful.

Primary English Magazine

Noun Phrases: Part 1

by Jim Crinson

Jim Crinson starts a major new series on how to respond to the current pressure to teach grammar, whilst ensuring that this is done in the context of children’s own reading and writing.

Curriculum review and planning tool

The review and planning tool will help providers to support the development of a school curriculum as well as the English curriculum. The review format means that the materials can be used by tutors, schools, groups of schools or individuals as a means of identifying strengths and areas for attention and development.

Book Reviews

Review of Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning and the Design of Social Futures by Cope & Kalantzis

UKLA has published several reviews of tried and tested books. These aren’t new publications but books which members recommend as practical and accessible.

Reading and Writing Fact Cards: Professional Development Activities

UKLA has published key professional development activities to support the popular reading and writing fact cards. The activities are designed to support professional development in schools and will be invaluable to literacy leaders in running training and staff meetings. You can download cards on a range of topics, including Grammar, Spelling, Puncuation and Working with stories.

Good Books for Great Readers

At the end of a workshop session on children's books at the UKLA International Conference 2014, colleagues each contributed one 'must read' title to a list. Here is the list, with thanks to all who helped create it.